About Me
gary talman My name is Gary Talman and I live in Havant, Hampshire, United Kingdom. For many years I have been an electrician doing installation and maintenance work all around the south of England. Just last year (2016) I was working on Twickenham stadium installing monitoring equipment on their industrial chillers. Towards the end of the year I started getting pain in my joints. Progressively this has gotten worse until now I have it all over my body and can no longer use ladders to complete my work. I have suspected Fibromyalgia which has put an end to my electrical work. Due to the increased time I am spending at home I have returned to my original skill set of electronics, I was trained in microprocessors and electronics when I first left school back in the 80's. My main interest has been the Arduino range of microcontrollers along with various add-ons and gadgets. I have also been working with latex and other products creating teeth, eyes and skin. As part of my research into available instructions and kits, I have found a two fold problem, firstly kits are expensive, and secondly instructions are overly complicated for the average person to follow.  I want to make instructional videos that are easy to follow and create kits that are cheap.

I will be starting with the basic's and working through to complex project's, but with the full objective of keeping things as easy to follow as possible. My guidance will be my audience so I am relying on feedback to gauge as to whether I am achieving my objective's.

My aim is to provide instructional "HOW TO" video's that are easy to follow by all. Please contact me with any request's or ideas. Thank You, and keep being creative.