"Welcome to our website. We are a not-for-profit organization who promote animatronic, robotic and electronic techniques. Our mission is to try and simplify the steps to create various projects, in a layman's approach, meaning anybody can have fun learning how to create great projects. Some will be without expensive specialist tools, other projects will be kept as cheap as possible so that they are not out of reach of the general population.

As part of our funding we welcome direct support from those who wish to support our work, sponsors or material donations. We believe that everybody should support their local communities and help each other to thrive, and above all "knowledge should be shared - freely" You do not have to purchase our kit's in order to access our video tutorials or our how to video's.

We are developing various projects that will be videoed and released on our YouTube® channel.

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If you have any idea's, suggestions or questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact page.

Thank you for visiting our web site" - Gary Talman (Editor for Booting)
Our projects


We designed a little character, made from empty coke cans, and made it into an animatronic by use of servo motors. Learn more Here.